January 24 Events

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January 24th, 2041 (January 24 2041)EventGaius Caesar (Caligula), known for his eccentricity and cruel despotism, is assassinated by his disgruntled Praetorian Guards. Claudius succeeds his nephew.
January 24th, 2003 (January 24 2003)EventThe United States Department of Homeland Security officially begins operation.
January 24th, 1996 (January 24 1996)EventPolish Premier Jozef Oleksy resigns amid charges that he spied for Moscow.
January 24th, 1994 (January 24 1994)EventTurkey s First Satellite Turksat 1A falls into the ocean.
January 24th, 1993 (January 24 1993)EventTurkish journalist and writer Ugur Mumcu is assassinated by a car bomb in Ankara.
January 24th, 1986 (January 24 1986)EventVoyager 2 passes within 81,500 km (50,680 miles) of Uranus.
January 24th, 1984 (January 24 1984)EventThe first Apple Macintosh goes on sale.
January 24th, 1978 (January 24 1978)EventSoviet satellite Cosmos 954 burns up in Earth s atmosphere, scattering debris over Canada s Northwest Territories.
January 24th, 1978 (January 24 1978)EventRose Dugdale and Eddie Gallagher become the first convicted prisoners to marry in prison in the history of the Republic of Ireland. Gallagher Quotes
January 24th, 1977 (January 24 1977)EventMassacre of Atocha in Madrid, during the Spanish transition to democracy.
January 24th, 1972 (January 24 1972)EventJapanese Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi is found hiding in a Guam jungle, where he had been since the end of World War II.
January 24th, 1966 (January 24 1966)EventAn Air India Boeing 707 jet crashes on Mont Blanc, on the border between France and Italy, killing 117.
January 24th, 1952 (January 24 1952)EventVincent Massey is sworn in as the first Canadian-born Governor-General of Canada.
January 24th, 1943 (January 24 1943)EventWorld War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill conclude a conference in Casablanca.Winston Churchill Quotes
January 24th, 1936 (January 24 1936)EventAlbert Sarraut becomes Prime Minister of France
January 24th, 1927 (January 24 1927)EventDirector Alfred Hitchcock releases his first film, The Pleasure Garden, in England.Alfred Hitchcock Quotes
January 24th, 1924 (January 24 1924)EventPetrograd, formerly Saint Petersburg, Russia, is renamed Leningrad.
January 24th, 1918 (January 24 1918)EventThe Gregorian calendar introduced in Russia by decree of the Council of People s Commissars effective from February 14(NS)
January 24th, 1916 (January 24 1916)EventIn Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, the Supreme Court of the United States declares the federal income tax constitutional.
January 24th, 1907 (January 24 1907)EventRobert Baden-Powell founds the Boy Scout movement.
January 24th, 1887 (January 24 1887)EventBattle of Dogali: Abyssinian troops defeat Italians.
January 24th, 1878 (January 24 1878)EventThe revolutionary Vera Zasulich shoots at Fyodor Trepov, the Governor of Saint Petersburg.
January 24th, 1862 (January 24 1862)EventBucharest proclaimed capital of Romania.
January 24th, 1859 (January 24 1859)EventPolitical union of Moldavia and Wallachia; Alexandru Ioan Cuza is elected as ruler.
January 24th, 1857 (January 24 1857)EventThe University of Calcutta is formally founded as the first full-fledged university in south Asia.
January 24th, 1848 (January 24 1848)EventCalifornia Gold Rush: James W. Marshall finds gold at Sutter s Mill near Sacramento.
January 24th, 1826 (January 24 1826)EventMississippi College is founded in Clinton, becoming the first college in the state of Mississippi.
January 24th, 1776 (January 24 1776)EventHenry Knox arrives at Cambridge, Massachusetts with the artillery that he has transported from Fort Ticonderoga.
January 24th, 1742 (January 24 1742)EventCharles VII Albert becomes Holy Roman Emperor.Holy Roman Emperor Charles V Quotes
January 24th, 1679 (January 24 1679)EventKing Charles II of England disbands Parliament.
January 24th, 1438 (January 24 1438)EventThe Council of Basel suspends Pope Eugene IV as Prelate of Ethiopia, arrives at Massawa from Goa.

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